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Executive Placements

We recognise that qualities such as innovation, risk taking, creativity, valuing individual contribution and the ability to exercise charismatic influence, are pivotal to any organisation's success. Executive positions will always require people with the qualities and behaviours associated with good leadership and strategic thinking. At ASA Personnel we will work with you to appropriately assess and determine the right person to provide the leadership and direction that the work unit, team or organisation needs. We have the resources, skills and experience to help you find your next leader. For more information on how we can support you with Executive recruitment, call us or email us.
Our Executive team of professionals have skills in;

  • Senior Management
  • Sales Executives
  • Marketing
  • Office management
  • Project management
  • Legal
  • Technology

What do our Clients Say About Us?

  • from registering to starting work it took ASA a couple of days i have been working full time now for six months Thanks
    – mark
  • Over the last couple of years Matt has consistently kept me in work and now my current role has been offered to me as fulltime.
    Thanks Matt for all your help over the last couple of years
    – James
  • Thanks
    – Pete
  • good service, worked well for us
    – Julie
  • Thanks for all your help!
    – Frank
  • Matt helped me get the job i wanted, I would recommend ASA Personnel to anyone!
    – John
  • I have been dealing with Asa personnel for several years and have had no issues with quality staff
    – Gary
  • Matt is very helpful in helping me find work, I recommend his services to everyone!
    – Damien
  • Head Office Dandenong

    Telephone: (03) 9792 9201

  • Gippsland Office

    Telephone: (03) 5133 9666

  • Brisbane Office

    Telephone: (07) 3387 7706

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