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ASA Personnel Industrial Training

ASA Personnel can organise a range of  Training and Assessment, Our training and assessment programs.  Our training and assessment solutions are designed to meet the needs of private individuals, job network providers, companies and government departments and agencies.

We can provide Training in the following areas;

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Why training is important...

Workplace training is a very important factor in any workplace.
Workplace training is necessary to help employees develop and use the skills they need to adapt to changing workplace needs, to promote innovation and to help employers remain competitive in the Marketplace.

Safety training at the workplace should be one of the top priorities of your business. An effective safety campaign can reduce the number of accidents and injuries reported each year. This has a twofold effect on your business. You will save money in the amount of Worker's Compensation insurance you have to pay each and every year, and there is less likelihood you will be presented with a lawsuit from an injured employee or government office.

Safety training at workplace is an important part of doing business. It shows that you are not only concerned with the day to day operations of the business, but also the well-being of your employees.

What do our Clients Say About Us?

  • I have been dealing with Asa personnel for several years and have had no issues with quality staff
    – Gary
  • Thanks
    – Pete
  • Over the last couple of years Matt has consistently kept me in work and now my current role has been offered to me as fulltime.
    Thanks Matt for all your help over the last couple of years
    – James
  • Matt is very helpful in helping me find work, I recommend his services to everyone!
    – Damien
  • Thanks for all your help!
    – Frank
  • Matt helped me get the job i wanted, I would recommend ASA Personnel to anyone!
    – John
  • from registering to starting work it took ASA a couple of days i have been working full time now for six months Thanks
    – mark
  • good service, worked well for us
    – Julie
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